I have worked on number of projects over the years. Here are some that I am currently trying to find time to hack on.

Data Structures


Golang's standard library lacks many useful and important structures. This library attempts to fill the gap. I have implemented data-structure's as I have needed them.

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fs2 (File Structures 2)

One of my hobbies is writing database indices. This project is about exploring memory mapped structures in the go programming language. It has a high performance B+Tree with duplicate key support. It support variably sized keys and values up to 2^31 - 1 bytes in length. It also includes a memory mapped list. Finally, there is a code generator for creating wrappers around go types solving the "no generics in go problem."

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File Structures

My previous work on file-structures using the read/write interface. This project collects several file-structures I have written in Go together in one place. It includes: BTree, B+Tree with duplicate key support, Linear Virtual Hashing, and a Blob store.

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Netgrid is a distributed map-reduce like computation platform. Written in Go it supports iterative jobs which makes it more suitable for a variety of tasks. I originally implemented it to support my research objectives in Frequent Subgraph Mining. It is not currently open source but I am exploring the possibility.

Programming Langauges


This is a simple language with a static type checker. It is a compiled or interpreted expression oriented functional language. It features: First class functions, Closures, Integers, floats, strings, booleans, and Conditional expressions. This language is evolving fast and may have undocumented features or bugs. It started out as an example I wrote for the compilers class I teach, EECS 337 Compiler Design, at Case Western Reserve University.

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Slang is a programming language which I have been developing on to help me teach the principles of compilation and program analysis. It is currently in an unfinished state as it lacks many features I would like it to have the in the future. However, it does demonstrate lexing, parsing, intermediate code generation, control flow analysis, structural data flow analysis, and machine code generation.

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A query language for Python Object Hierarchies. It is loosely inspired by XQuery/XPath and OQL. It allows schema-less queries of complex Python data structures. It is a fun little query language with an easily extensible parser for adding more syntax.

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Tree Edit Distance

I have a great implementation of exact tree edit distance using the Zhang-Shasha algorithm. People seem to email me fairly regularly about it so someone out there is finding it useful.

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Command Line Utilities

  1. swork A shell environment manager. I use this to help manage all my projects.
  2. optutils A python library to help me write command line utilities. I write a lot of these.
  3. passmash A site specific password munger.
  4. Lots of random utilities here and there.

More on the github

I have a lot more projects over on my github. These are just some of the highlights. Beyond the github, there are my research projects